Brita Purity C 50 Filter Cartridge

Brita Purity C 50 Filter Cartridge

When you enjoy a refreshing beverage or a relaxed cup of coffee, you forget your everyday cares for just a moment. To ensure optimum freshness and pure enjoyment that turns this small break into a relaxing experience, the water has to be of the highest quality. BRITA Professional has now added a new solution to its portfolio that was specifically designed for soft water regions with a high level of particle presence – the PURITY Fresh C50.

The cartridge flow control, which is one of BRITA’s unique developments, delivers consistent reduction of substances in the water that could impair the taste or aroma, such as chlorine. The raw water is distributed optimally. As a result the filter medium is used evenly and completely. Giving consistency of filter performance. Thanks to its special active carbon blend, the PURITY Fresh reduces cloudiness, as well as organic impurities and unwanted odour and tastes from your water. Ensuring complete enjoyment.



                  Our Brita Purity C 50 Cartridges are available in stock and ready for delivery Next Day (If ordered before mid-day). If you select our installation service, our install team are always on hand to assist with the plumbing and electrics to make your installation complete and compliant with WHA

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