IEN3000 (SP-510) Water Filter Cartridge

IEN3000 (SP-510) Water Filter Cartridge

The Best Filter for hot water vending machines to reach the market in over 20 years! 

• High Capacity Filters 25,000L or 12,000L
For use in Hard water areas up to 600PPM
No more Hard Scale build up!
• 100% Filtration - No bypass system required
• Does not remove important minerals from water, unlike most RO or Ion Exchange units
• Does not use Polyphosphate, Sodium and pH reducing Hydrogen Ions.
• WRAS Approved
• ANSI / NSF Approved
German manufactured media.
The "SPECIAL" Filter provides high volume, high capacity, no drain requirements, no waste water and the only filter with filtration of contaminants and scale prevention in one system which supports all beverage machines, steam ovens, ice equipment, coffee brewers including all water dispensers for both cold and hot applications.

With the "SPECIAL" Filter you will experience minimum pressure drop over one year, allowing for 12,000 liters with 10" Filters (Model: SP-510) and 25,000 liters with 20" Filters (Model: SP-520) respectively of best treated water in the industry without any replacement regeneration.
The filter features a unique, Quick Change System with in-out head and a high quality wall bracket. Activated Carbon Block cartridge with very high surface area providing dirt removal, contaminant removed with SP3 media which provides one year of outstanding Hard Scale Prevention. This in turn will help reduce maintenance, service and regeneration costs as well as down time caused by scale build up and clogging of distribution lines, evaporator plates, pumps, solenoid valves, nozzles and other parts of equipment.

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            Our H2O SP-510 Hot Water Filters is available in stock and ready for delivery Next Day (If ordered before mid-day). If you select our installation service, our install team are always on hand to assist with the plumbing and electrics to make your installation complete and compliant with WHA

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