Water Cooler Installation

Water Cooler Installation

Price start from £179.00, please call 01827 870098 or email customercare@filtered-watercoolers for a quote.

All installations include the following:

- A check non-return isolator valve. This acts as a water supply cut off point and also ensures no backflow can occur to the mains supply. 
- Water pressure regulator ensures no pressure surges cause potential for leaks.
- Waterblock ensures if any leak does occur (a constant flow of 5 to 7 litres) the supply is automatically “shut off”.  
- Waterblock reset button, if for any reason the water block does not operate and isolate the supply, the customer can operate the reset button and reinstate the supply immediately. 

The engineer who is qualified to WHA installation standards will install any water dispensers to the following standard. All work is confirmed as per our installation ticket.
Prior to commencement of Installation, all engineers must wash hands thoroughly and wear one time use gloves.
1. Turn off the mains water supply at the nearest isolator or stop tap.
2. Open the nearest cold tap.(this will allow water in the copper pipe to drain back)
3. When satisfied that you have stopped the water flow, cut the pipe with a junior hacksaw or pipe slice.
4. The copper pipe must be cut twice, 15mm apart.
5. Clean both ends of the copper pipe with a small file and fit the isolator.
6. Fit the installation rail containing a pressure regulator and water block as close to the isolator as possible.
7. Run the piping from the installation rail assembly to the water cooler.
8. Behind the water cooler fit a push fit stop tap.
9. Run the push fit pipes to the water filter at the “in” point and connect the piping provided inside the unit to the “out” part of the filter housing.
10. Turn the water supply on.
11. Check for any leaks along the installation route especially at connecting joints.
12. Check the water cooler is working correctly and heats / chills accordingly
13. Micro-bore tubing must be kept to a minimum and not exceed 20 meters in length.
14. All pipe work should avoid light fittings, electrical and gas piping and any heat sources. All pipe work should be securely fixed. All pipework where subject to temperature fluctuations will be lagged.


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