The Colourless Coffee

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Now you may be thinking this blog is a hoax! Surely this is just water? However, it is actually Coffee. You get the best of both worlds with this on the go drink as it can be drank cold in large bottles and it won’t stain your clothes!

Why would I want Clear Coffee?

 This on the go coffee is in fact made of pure water and freshly ground arabica coffee beans would you believe. This low calorie, potent drink has a strong taste and is distributed in large bottles. It is particularly suitable for the heavy coffee drinkers as the logic behind this recipe is that you will avoid teeth stains caused by a regular coffee.

The Production Method

 The recipe is a guarded secret but is said to not include any chemicals at all! Also without any preservatives, stabilizers, sugar, or sweeteners. Nutritionally a very healthy drink and only including 4 calories!

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