Why Do You Need A Water Cooler?

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Drink Responsibly

Water Can do a lot for the body and then again, believe it or not, too much water can also be bad for you! It is said that drinking an excessive amount of water can lead to diluted blood, negative affects in the brain and wear on your circulatory system, though for this to occur we're talking a serious amount of water that you'd have to drink! On the bright side there are copious amounts of positive affects too. This includes an increase in awareness & concentration, better digestion, healthy skin, boost in energy and so many more! If you don't believe us, Click Here


Water is a Legal Requirement?

Yes, you heard right... it is in fact a legal requirement that your employer must supply sufficient welfare facilities for all his/her employees and this includes potable drinking water! So with an extensive workforce and where the kitchen may not seem enough, you can’t go a miss with a standalone/Mains Fed water cooler!

This is how easy it is to Install!

Stay Refreshed, Active & Healthy

At the end of the day we all well know that without that one drink to start the day, whether that be a nice hot cup of tea or coffee or even a glass of cold, filtered water your physical work capacity just won’t be the same. Slight dehydration can affect how you work and concentrate so drink plenty of water, tea, or coffee and your good to go!


Time Effective

With even one standalone water cooler in the office, making drinks, hot or cold, can be made so much quicker than heading over to the kitchen to cue up to use the kettle or tap. Additionally, using a mains fed water cooler as we call it; point of use, this means your water cooler will have a direct supply of water, constantly. This is then filtered and ready to use at any time from your dispenser.

For Convenience

Water coolers can supply fresh, filtered water on tap and ready to dispense at the press of a button instantly in much need varieties such as Hot, Cold, Ambient & Sparkling. Not only that but it allows to making other drinks such as coffee or tea so much easier! The thermostat on your water cooler can be adjusted, providing you have a hot or cold water cooler to hand, so that you can make those much-needed teas and coffees at the right temperature but without boiling the kettle.

Now You've Got Our Advice, What Are You Going To Do Next?

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